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About Kat Kova

CEO + Head Coach at Kat Kova Fitness – Female Fitness Foundation

‘Looking healthy aesthetically and being healthy intrinsically are two different things’.

Kat Kova is an integrative health and high performance coach, nutritional therapist, and master certified personal trainer, specialising in women’s fitness and optimising health through lifestyle changes. Having studied biology and human nutrition at university, Kat bases her training and coaching protocols on scientific data and evidence based practices. She has a particular interest in longevity sciences, nutrigenomics, preventative health and women’s hormones, with one of her main passions being the art and science of biohacking.

After qualifying as a personal trainer, Kat decided to focus her attention on the female body. So much of the advice, education and training seemed to focused on the male body – this included the majority of data collected in scientific studies at the time. There was little focus on the biological, and hormonal differences nor on how to get the best from your body as a woman. Kat considers the fact that unlike the male body, the female body goes through monthly cyclical changes and is essentially in four different ‘phases’ throughout the month.

Kat also noticed the amount of ‘short term’ fixes and diets that resulted in women losing weight, only to regain it and then go on to repeat the cycle with a constant sense of deprivation. Kat helps her clients not only achieve their body composition goals, but to also maintain them all whilst feeling better than they ever have and working towards a healthier relationship with food.

‘I help my clients from a holistic perspective and believe in empowering you with the knowledge and techniques to optimise your body to its full potential. I consider mental blocks which are currently holding you back and help you override your previous way of thinking.

Kat now offers 1:1 coaching and support online via Zoom.

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