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CEO + Head Coach at Kat Kova Fitness – Female Fitness Foundation

‘Looking healthy aesthetically and being healthy intrinsically are two different things’.

Kat Kova is an integrative health and high performance coach, nutritional therapist, and master certified personal trainer, specialising in women’s fitness and optimising health through lifestyle changes. Having studied biology and human nutrition at university, Kat bases her training and coaching protocols on scientific data and evidence based practices. She has a particular interest in longevity sciences, nutrigenomics, preventative health and women’s hormones, with one of her main passions being the art and science of biohacking.

Some of the key areas we look at


One of the key and most essential areas we will look at This can include everything from current nutritional profile to nutrigenomics, as well as the impact of nutrition on your health goals whether it’s body composition, wellbeing or improving overall health. Our aim is to help you reach optimal health and feel the best you ever have, as opposed to focus on the absence of illness. Nutrition is where it all starts.


Exercise has many benefits not only when it comes to body composition, wellbeing, sleep quality and energy but it also has the power to influence your body on an epigenetic level! We find the right exercise and routine for not only your body type but also your lifestyle. This is about the long term and building exercise into your life so that it works for you!

Lifestyle + Biohacking

Lifestyle factors can have a major impact on our health, wellbeing, fitness goals, just to name a few. Improving these can be transformational in your quality of life and bring you closer to your goals. With the addition of biohacking, it is possible to slow down the speed at which your body is aging, repair past damage, and enhance your health on a cellular level.

Mindset + Wellbeing

Mindset is of upmost importance. Kat works with her clients at eliminating negative thought patterns, stress, improving work/life balance, relationships with food, and address any barriers that are holding them back from attaining their goals all whilst prioritising wellbeing. Life is hard and if we equip ourselves with the right tools we can power through our day, week and month and achieve great things.

People forget that the mind and body work in synergy. If you optimise performance with both you can achieve far more and be the best version of yourself.’
- Kat Kova

How we can help you at the Female Fitness Foundation

‘The aim is to promote optimal health, vitality and feeling your best rather than just focusing on the absence of an illness’

Kat founded the Female Fitness Foundation after years of focusing her attention on training female clients and listening to what they had to say about their previous experiences. She found a lot of her clients had been struggling to achieve their results and had been placed on ‘cookie cutter’ nutrition and exercise plans originally designed for men. Some women feeling they were unhappy with their results – bulking up in the wrong places, losing their shape, not being able lose weight, feeling hungry all the time, zapped of energy and finding that before ethey knew it – the weight came flooding back.

Kat wanted to help these women not only feel good and achieve their goals, but to thrive. There didn’t seem to be much point in having a fit, healthy body while being miserable and feeling hungry all time.

‘There are many coaches and personal trainers out there, so why would you choose to work with me? I incorporate all the things I’ve learnt over the years in order to help you maintain your results and I don’t just focus on one thing, eg. weight loss. With me you will see improvements in not only your physical health but also more importantly, your wellbeing. You will feel more energised. It is much more than just a physical transformation.’

Kat takes a holistic approach and looks at making improvements using a functional health model. This involves working with all your body’s systems, your mind, your spirit, and your emotions, ensuring that you can become as healthy and vibrant as possible.

Over the years Kat has found that there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to coaching her clients.  We all have different goals and Kat will listen to what you want to achieve and help tailor a health/fitness/lifestyle plan for you whilst incorporating biohacking techniques in a collaborative process. Kat’s programs and coaching techniques consider your hormonal cycle and can be maintained long term as opposed to short term fixes where energy levels slump and you end up giving up/giving in to cravings.

‘I believe that through making the right lifestyle changes, you can upgrade yourself to becoming the best version of you! I can help you get there. I have experience working with all ages and body types. My clients worldwide range from women completely new to exercise, those who hate exercise, busy CEOs, performers, new mums, former yo-yo dieters. Regardless of where you are starting from and what your goals are, I am confident that together, we can you get on the right path to reach them.

Time is one thing you can never get back! It’s why the time to act is NOW!

What We Offer

121 Coaching

Following a discovery/transformation call we will come up with a plan to help you achieve your goals together.

This will be a personalised package that could range from focusing on transforming your body composition, improving your relationship with food, eliminating stress and fatigue, or even turning your biological epigenetic clock back! Your free discovery call will be the start of your journey.

You will learn to thrive!


Kat offers a number of set Coaching Packages where she works with her clients on their individual goals.

All Packages include an individual consultation followed by a number of coaching sessions with Kat over zoom.

Explore packages

Online Courses

Whether it’s fitness, nutrition, biohacking or working with your cycle – Kat will be offering a number of online courses to help you reach your goals. Coming soon! Register your interest to receive updates and be notified on the launch.


Coming soon!

Kat talks to various guests in the field of health, fitness, nutrition, biohacking, wellness and optimising your body’s true potential!

Work With Kat

Kat now offers 1:1 health coaching and support online via Zoom.

Her consultations are bespoke, taking a thorough case history discussing what your health concerns and goals are.
Some of Kat’s particular specialisms include:-
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